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Superb Sealing Rings

Overlay Step Cut Overlay Step Cut:
Seals with Minimal Leakage

Step cut ring with a cast iron or bronze tongue that extends past the joint on the outer side and the step fits within the inside to seal the joint.

Complete Seal

Seals both side and back of joint for complete seal on all sides.

Standard Rings - Ventilated (Slotted) Oil  Rings

Butt  Butt or Straight Cut
Angle or Miter Cut
Step Step Cut

Two & Three Piece Rings

Multi Multiple Piece Compression Rings
Multi piece rings are especially designed for high pressure service. In most applications they keep leakage to a minimum. In both the two and three piece designs, the inner butt cut ring seals the outer ring(s). The outer rings can be made angle or step cut. With the joints staggered, the inner ring provides the sealing needed for the outer ring joints. Recommended for high pressure sealing and when minimal leakage is a must.
Segment Segmented Rings
Segmental rings consist of pieces joined by step joints. The segmental rings permit much heavier walls (cross sectioned) then is possible with one piece rings which must be sprung over a piston. A compression inner ring provides tension for the segmented ring.
Bronze Bronze Filled Piston Ring
Cast iron ring with a single or double bronze insert on the face of the ring. Helps seat the ring and tends to prevent blow-by in either new or worn cylinders. The bi-metallic ring also reduces wear on both the ring and the cylinders.